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Michele’s Story

TruVision works.  Diets don’t.

As a society, we’re told to try a new diet nearly every day and it’s no secret—these diets don’t work long-term. But what does work long-term? A healthy lifestyle. A lifestyle complete with a balance of proper nutrition, an active daily routine, quality sleep, and supplementation to ensure your body is fueled with everything you need. Sure dieting can help you lose weight when strictly adhered to, BUT, and that’s a very large but, chances are that weight will be gained back shortly after returning to your regular eating habits. Causing the harmful cycle often referred to as “yo-yo” dieting. A lifetime of putting weight on and off causes your body unnecessary stress that ultimately kills your metabolism, drains your energy, and leads to a variety of health problems.

Restrictive diets take the joy out of life, they eliminate necessary nutrients, and they make you miserable. Achieving a healthy weight shouldn’t be a quick fix or short-term goal. It should be a lifelong commitment to living better and essentially: living life. It should be enjoyable to make positive changes, and with TruVision Health that is our number one goal. We want individuals to be happy, healthy, and motivated to share that lifestyle with others.

Now, in order to truly change your life, you have to change more than simply what you’re eating. That’s why here at TruVision Health we encourage a complete lifestyle reformation with balanced nutrition, the 10K Pledge, and supplementation with TruFix, TruWeight & Energy, TruFuel, TruSlumber, and Heart & Hydration.

For now, let’s focus on the two core products in the TruVision line; designed to help you achieve a healthy weight, balance your body’s cholesterol, and sustain energy levels.

First, TruFix helps your body maintain healthy cholesterol/lipid levels, while also decreasing your appetite and increasing your energy levels. Research has shown that TruFix may also help regulate blood sugar levels which is key to preventing Type 2 Diabetes and significant towards aiding in weight loss.* When combined with TruWeight & Energy you can help accelerate weight-loss and provide your body with the energy you need to live an active lifestyle.

Ready to try the TruVision lifestyle for yourself?

Australia Update for April 18, 2016

Australia Update

We have some exciting news for Australia!

TruVision Health is now processing transactions in local currencies for Australia. We will be using a peg rate of $1.43 AUD per every $1 USD. Adjustments to this peg rate will be made every 3 months, or as necessary.*

We believe this process will improve the Customer’s experience and offer the Associates a better platform for building their business.

We believe this process will improve the Customer’s experience and offer the Associates a better platform for building their business.

Australia’s Direct Line:

Available: Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. North American Mountain Time; Tuesday to Saturday Midnight to Noon Australian Eastern Time.

*We reserve the right to modify the peg rate at any time without notification.

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